Yili graduated from the prestigious Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts in China with Bachelor of Fine Arts in traditional Chinese painting, and received her Masters of Fine Arts in Lifestyle Art and Design Concentration from Bunka Gakuen University in Tokyo, Japan. Yili is inspired by the combination of traditional Chinese art and Japanese design concepts. She did a massive study and research on shape theory which is the foundation of concept formation and any type of artwork. Her works were exhibited at Bunkamura Box Gallery in Tokyo. Through her five years of art teaching experience in the States, Yili created a new philosophy of art skills that applies to each student in their own way, allowing students to learn and practice, and create their own artworks according to their own needs with aesthetic appeal and creativity. She has guided many students in winning awards in National PTA Reflections Arts Program.


     Shanshan was accepted into Otis College of Art and Design, majoring in Toy Design and studying in Child Psychology. Having experience in teaching what kids are into, she excels at bringing creativity and imagination to her students while developing their art skills. She has experience teaching from young kids to young-adults. Besides teaching she has built an online community sharing her works and art creating process which attracted thousands of young teens on YouTube and Instagram.


     Egon Kun graduated with Master of Fine Arts in Design from the prestigious Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts in China. After eight years of study, he worked as the Chief Art Editor for a noted Chinese kids book publisher. Their works have won tons of awards and been exhibited in international events, and are still memorized by many 80s and 90s. As a master in Illustration, Egon Kun was invited to teach sketching and watercolor at Shanghai Normal University. With Egon Kun’s patience and knowledge, he teaches his students comprehensive and deep understanding of colors, lines, shapes, proportion, and other art fundamentals. 


     Ariel studied at University of California Irvine and achieved her Bachelor degree in Fine Arts. She has a passion for teaching kids and is excited to share her knowledge of various media and types of art with her students. Leading her students to think creatively is her favorite part of teaching. Ariel is also into installation art and photography. 


     Chloe graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Dan Kook University in Korea. She continued her study in Otis College of Art and Design in California and received her Master of Fine Arts. Chloe has been an art instructor as well as an artist since 2012. Her works have been selected by many Korean and Los Angeles local galleries including two solo exhibitions. Her perspective on contemporary art is lively and unique which involves a variety of materials and color mixing. She emphasizes on the concept of an artwork. Chloe brings student more applicable arts through reading, acting, writing, and illustration. Her class is always full of laughter and inspiration.


     Ms. Kristin obtained her bachelor degree of sculpture and fine arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She was a visiting scholar in humanities, chinese antiquity and restoration in Beijing Central Academy of Fine Arts. When in New York, she assisted and handled professionally a Turkish sculpture artist’s artworks. She’s passionate about art and sculpture.


     Parker-Anderson is one leading enrichment provider for over 25 years in Southern California, currently offers over 50 types of enrichment classes to thousands of elementary school students. They cover the gamut of high quality, tried and true classes which young people enjoy and learn from with highest quality teachers. Parker-Anderson works with us to provide Robotics and Science classes in our after school STEAM club.


     Ms. Lisa always enjoys spending time with kids. She knows each of her students and thinks they are all unique. Ms. Lisa has been teaching in elementary school for over 20 years in Southern California. She loves teaching art, cooking, and English language. She also dedicates her time to community by giving lessons to children at her community center. She now teaches kids ESL and story telling & speech classes at our Center.