Onsite Class

Creative Art

Ages 2-3 (45 Minutes Per Class)

    This course is designed as the first introduction to creativity and fine art for children ages 2 to 4. With exposure to a diverse range of art mediums such as markers, crayons, pencil, oil-pastel, watercolors, clay, and paper art, students are able to develop their cognition and understandings of colors, shapes, texture, and size, which will better prepare them for pre-school or kindergarten in terms of social skills and confidence.

For kids that are under 4-year-9-month-old, parents need to wait in our facility during class.

 Ages 3-5 (45 Minutes Per Class)

     This introductory course renders the basic fundamentals of drawing and painting also with a variety of art mediums. Students are able to learn and practice colors, shapes, size, and comparison, while maintaining their diverse interests and imagination. We teach them not to copy ideas but to relate art to their own lives. Students not only develop their art skills and patience through the class, but also gradually raise their aesthetic judgements.

For kids that are under 4-year-9-month-old, parents need to wait in our facility during class.

 Ages 5-7 (1 hour Per Class)

    This course reinforces children's art skills through various topics and relates art to their real life. Imagination and creativity is a must for this age as we guide them through projects. Students also learn how to observe the features and main structures of things around them. We help students express their thoughts and passion for art through their own style. They will also have a chance to try on different art mediums such as watercolors, markers, crayons, color pencil, and clay to expand their scope of creation.

Chinese Painting

Ages 5+ (1 hour Per Class)

    This course introduces students to the traditional Chinese painting by using Chinese brushes and rice paper, which is largely different from western arts. While learning the art of water and ink, the students also learn colors, concept, and the special composition of Chinese painting. The subjects covered in this class usually include animals, vegetables, fruits, landscape, and characters. We make it more fun and creative for children by adding modern and scientific elements into lessons.


Studio Art


Ages 7 and up (1.5 Hours Per Class)

    This is an advanced art class for young artists above 7 years old. Students come in with some fundamentals while we lead them further into fields of watercolor, sketching, color pencil, markers, and acrylic on canvas, improving lines, colors, shapes, composition and proportion, 3d and perspectives. Students will each work on their independent project with their original ideas. Instructors guide them to research and form the concept and help enhance their technical skills while retaining each of their unique art styles. This class also prepares students who want to apply for art schools or art colleges in the future.



Ages 7 and up (1.5 hours Per Class)

    This introductory course covers the variety of subgenres in the field. From comic books and courtrooms to editorials and book covers, there are many kinds of illustrators. Instruction focuses on the fundamental skills: color, composition, concept development, and visual communication. Students create works in a variety of black-and-white and color media of their choice, including acrylic, watercolor, digital, and color pencil.


(Traditional & New Concept)

Ages 8 and up (1.5 hours Per Class)

    In this class, students will learn the basics of drawing with pencil, color pencil, and pen. They will learn and practice to improve their observation skills with respect to shape, color, and composition and to quickly grasp the subtle details of objects. Instructors will provide one-on-one instruction based on the student's age, skills, and interest.

Adult Studio Art

    Including watercolor, color pencil, acrylic, Chinese painting, illustration, and crafts, this class provides lots of flexibility in art forms to adults with different skill levels. The goal of this class is to get exposed to art and better communicate with children using art languages. We grow together with our children.

College Preparation & Portfolio

    We help a limited number of students each year for college preparation. This course is designed specificly for students who needs to apply for an art high school/ college. A portfolio demonstrates a student's ability to deliver his/her ideas, creativity, and art skills. It is required by any art major admissions.